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miércoles, agosto 07, 2019
Good day, my lovelies. How are you today? I am doing great, working a lot to bring you always the best content. Tonight, I am here with my Friends of LuxHairShop to show you some awesome options. You know that I have very long hair, almost like Rapunzel. So I really don’t remember how I look with short hair. But I have a way to try it again without cutting my long beautiful locks: WIGS! I have picked some of my favorites early this morning.

The first style that caught my attention was this Peruvian Hair Fuchsia Color Straight Lace Front Bob Wig. Look at that bright pink! I am pretty sure that everyone will come around to see me wearing it. It is a show stopper!

But I can be serious too. This Brazilian Hair Black Color Lace Front Curly Bob Wig is a great example of that. Great luscious locks and waves, covering the frame of my face, giving a sexy flair to my style. That is a total YES to me.

On a more “exotic” tone, this Peruvian Hair Light Blond With Black Root Color Lace Front Bob Wig Straight might be perfect for all my Golden and Bronzed Goddesses out there. Feeling like Beyonce already? Wear it at a party or a festival, and you will catch a lot of glares. By the way, all of these options were found at the bob wigs online section of the store (just follow the link).

I felt in love with this Peruvian Hair iced blonde Color Straight Lace Front Bob Wig and with how the model looks with it. Totally stunning! It looks very futuristic and avant-garde! I am thinking of dying it a lot of pearlescent tones to change into a mermaid wig. What do you think of that idea? Do you like it?

And last but not least, this Brazilian Hair Burgundy With Black Root Color Straight Lace Front Bob Wig. It is a must in every collection. It is so elegant and can be worn at important events without shocking with the environment. A very classy and useful wig.

What do you think about my choices? I really like wigs, and how I can change my style just by changing my hair really fast and safe. Do you wear wigs? Let me know in the comment section below what kind of wigs do you use, and if you like what I show you. Thanks for being here again. See you next time,


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