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jueves, agosto 29, 2019
Hello there, my awesome readers! How is your day so far? Let me tell you, mine is going great! Although I’m already planning my weekend. How about you? What is going on in your head lately? Talking bout heads, these days I have been thinking about changing RADICALLY my hairstyle, but I’m too attached to my Rapunzel long hair and I’m not going to cut it out anytime soon. On the meantime, I only can think about WIGS! So, today I’m here with my friends from LilyHair to show you that you can change your hair without making that kind of commitment.

I’ll begin with this Jumai Virgin Hair Monofilament wig since is the one that is “closer” to my real hairstyle so the change won’t be that radical. I love how they treat the color, it really looks very natural, don’t you think? I would use it for formal events or when I couldn’t be that bold.

With this Stella Virgin Hair Pixie Monofilament wig, I would make a huge change. It’s almost the opposite of what I have right now. I’ve never been blonde, so I really don’t know how I would look with light hair, and now I’m more curious about it.

Keeping it long, this Mara Virgin Hair Monofilament wig is a great option too. And the color that is shown here is very pretty. It could suit darker tones easily. But if you want, you can dye and style your wig as you want. So don’t be afraid to customizing it as you like.

Do you have a fair complexion? Then you could try a Tamara Virgin Human Hair Lace Front wig on this lovely red tone! Do you like the idea? I wouldn’t because I’m tan, but fashion Is making statements, right? I should do it too!

Do you like these wigs from LilyHair? Go check out their website and let me know which one you choose. Thanks for coming today, and we’ll see you the next time,


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