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martes, marzo 16, 2021

Hello, my beautiful friends! It’s so nice to see you around here once more. I hope you all are safe and practicing social distancing. As you may remember, I was about to get married before all of this “new normal” began, but that never stopped me to continue looking for amazing stuff for our wedding. The only difference is that I’m looking for online stores that offer better options. Doing exactly that I’ve found Penfine, and they sell the most lovely rings that I’ve ever seen. Please, join me to know my favorites:

I’ve always wanted an Alexandrite Bridal Set, and when I saw this 3pcs Infinity Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring Wedding Set I fell in love immediately. It’s perfect! The color is exactly what I want. The aesthetic is aligned with my own, always elegant and classic.

I heard once about a black rutilated quartz engagement ring, having an unusual style. But when you see this Unique Five Stone Black Rutilated Quartz Oh Engagement Ring Pear Shaped, I’m sure you’ll be on the same page as me: this is far beyond unusual. That’s truly unique! I’m always looking for one-of-a-kind pieces, and this one might be the perfect fit if you’re looking for that too. A stone like that is not very common and you’ll feel special wearing it.

Looking for something more simple but always beautiful, I searched for Moss Agate Engagement Rings and found this. I present to you the Pear-Shaped Cluster Moss Agate Nadia Engagement Ring Round Prong, a vintage-style piece that should belong to a princess. The color and the shape of the stone are very elegant. I love the little accent gemstones too.

So you like my picks for today? I’m truly impressed by the HUGE variety of styles and designs. Anyone can find what better suits them. And the best of all: they offer a good range of paying options. I’m sure that you’ll be as amazed as I am.

I know that a ring, especially an engagement ring, is something that never has to be taken lightly. Every experience is different, and I hope that you can get exactly what your heart desire. Enjoy shopping around at Penfine and let me know what you find in the comments section below. Thank you so much for being here again, hoping that you’ve enjoyed your visit and I’ll see you next time. Love,


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