2021 Sculptshe Black Friday Sale

jueves, octubre 14, 2021

Greetings, my beloved, reader. I want to welcome you back here, I haven’t updated this site for a long time. A lot of things are changing in my life and I had to prioritize my goals. With this, I’m not saying that my blog is in a lower position, but I had to be away from my computer for a couple of weeks due to medical reasons. Having that aside, I want to return to the places that make me happy, and this site is one of them. Thank you all again for being part of my Universe and for keeping up with me in my journey.

Today I’m here with my friends from Sculptshe to give you a heads up of the awesome sale that is going to take place in November: the Black Friday shapewear sale this year will offer a HUGE variety of products and I want you to be prepared by knowing their products (and also I want to share with you my top recommendations).

I’ve checked all of their products, and my definitive favorite collection is the double belt waist trainer section, where you can find lots of options to choose from. My top pick from here is this Sculptshe Three Belt High Compression Waist Trainer, which offers a well-defined waist to achieve a lovely hourglass shape. I like that it’s made with neoprene lining, which is gentle with the skin. The three belts ensure that your abdomen is properly shaped and the structure will give you extra support for your back.

If you are getting a tummy tuck, I highly recommend you this Sculptshe 360 Lipo Foam Board that will help you recover faster. This product will help you maintain your posture, avoiding bending of the girdle that could cause skin foldings while you recover. The design helps the waist and its correct shaping and can be worn under the girdle.

I want to let you know that all of these products in the Black Friday sale are eligible for Free Exchange and No-Hassle Return, which is always helpful for this kind of shapewear. But I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t need that, their products are amazing! If you have doubts or questions, please let me know in the comment section, I will be happy to help you with your purchase. See you next time,


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